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Powerful electric trolley for transporting all kinds of materials on site

The ErgoMover 1500 Basic is the ideal choice if a powerful electric trolley is needed for transporting all kinds of materials on site. The ErgoMover 1500 Basic easily handles loads of up to 1,500 kg and the integrated charger ensures that the truck can run the entire working day.

Various versions

The model is available with several different types of standard flat bed, for example with bearers so that non-palletized goods can be set down on it from a truck-mounted crane. Other options are a flat bed with lashing eyelets which makes it ideal, for example, for lashing racks, so that glass panels can be transported through narrow passages or where space is narrow.

Finally, there is a standard flat bed for transporting plastic road plates, eliminating the manual strain during transport and laying of such plates.

ErgoMover Basic XL

Do you need solid ground support for your scissor lift operations? Look how fast and easy it is with the ErgoMover Basic XL.


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