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ErgoMover 1500 - MANIPULATOR w/90° tilt

Manufactured specifically for installing drywall. Standard equipped with both lifting and tilting function which enables the ErgoMover to pick up a full pallet drywall elements and raise these up in a vertical position without sweat or pain.
Use the ErgoMover 1500 - Manipulator along with the ErgoLoader and the ErgoMounter and you can bring the drywalls all the way from the truck to the wall - without straining the back. See how easy it is!
All lifting and tilting functions are made by a powerful electrical-hydraulic system with build-in-safety functions.
 ErgoMover 1500 Manipulator 
 ErgoMover 1500 Manipulator  ErgoMover 1500 Manipulator
ErgoMover 1500 Manipulator m/mounter ErgoMover 1500 Manipulator m/mounter
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